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The Insta Grid

Sadly, social media largely is bereft of Thinkers and Creative leaders.

Having said that we all know of brands that have been producing path breaking creative work consistently. But then they are in a minority.

A majority of Social Media handles are with freelancers, flunkies and people with no understating of the Communication Design or the Science of Communication.

No wonder, they devise some cheap thrills to keep their client interested.

The Grid is one such entrapment.

For the uninitiated, The Grid is a square of 9 posts which reveals the complete picture when viewed on the Insta Home Page of the brand.

Sounds harmless enough?

I know, it does.

So what is the problem.

I am sure after reading this blog, not many would dare to use the mouth touted Grid ever.

Media Consumption

Instagram consumes media differently.

This ‘Mobile Only’ app has been designed to ‘Swipe-up’ until something worthy strikes your eyes. When you post a ‘complete a picture’ in 9 grids hoping people to break the rhythm of their scroll and press the home button to your page, you are expecting too much. During the scroll, if people come across a picture that is incomplete or does not make any sense, they scroll up. Oops!

Opportunity Cost

Every communication you put out there is about creating ‘Opportunity.’

It is supposed to strengthen your existing Brand Perception or creating new ones. When your Existing TA comes across an incomplete picture, he either takes the trouble of going to your home page, figuring out the complete picture or moves on. However the prospective TA completely misses out as he/she moves up.

Lost opportunity is lost TA and missed ROI.

Bad Communication

In this world where there is an overload of messaging, revealing half picture would never get your brand any traction. Every communication needs to be complete. Surely, it can be a part of a larger puzzle but it has to be complete in its own right. The messaging, logo etc. should be visible loud and clear. Ambiguous post or communication never does anything for any brand.

Social Media is set amidst fast paced environment.

Things move and change fast.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to be succinct or else…

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