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Hinduism: An Outsourced Model

You have got it all wrong.

BJP, with a brute majority owing to your vote, might have done a lot for the nation, but to date, it has not done a thing for the Hindus. From Ram mandir to 370 has been their political compulsion, part of their nationalist agenda. If they were a Hindu party, the horrific and gruesome incident of Nuh would never have transpired.

Repeated acts of violence during Hindu religious processions, from the Muslim youth spitting at the Mahakal procession in Ujjain to stone pelting during the Ram Navami procession in Jahangir puri, Delhi, Jharkhand and Kolkatta to now the terror violence in Nuh during Shobha yatra, the list is endless. I am not even counting the Delhi riots, which had the epicenter in Jamia and Shaheen Bagh, yet the government could do little to curb it.

Please don’t get swayed by the left propaganda.

The Jihadi propaganda masters, the Congress, Arifa Khanum, Ajit Anjum, Rajdeep, and almost all leading publications and intellectuals have been working overtime to establish a Hindu terror narrative yet again.

So don’t believe when they tell you that permissions were not taken and the processions and Hindus were armed. If Hindus were armed, how come Neeraj and Gurusewak, the Home-guards, Shakti, the shop owner, and Abhishek, a Bajrangdal activist, were killed? To put things in context, long before this yatra, somewhere in April, the cyber cell was probing terror funding angle, and during the yatra, the same cyber cell office was set on fire.

Large amounts of stones and firearms were stored over a long period. The police team sent from Gurugram was fired upon at the border. The terror jihadist knew the ingress points, Hindu-owned shops, and even prominent Hindus of the area were targeted, 200 bikes were looted from a bike showroom. Women and children pelleted stones from rooftops. Hindus participating in the Yatra had to seek shelter inside a temple while the Jihadists kept firing upon them and pelting stones. All this was happening while the state had a double-engine government.

It is not that the government did not know of Nuh and the majority Muslim population of that area being engaged in criminal activities. From running organized online scams outfits to carjacking, arms manufacturing to hawala racket, cattle smuggling to gold; the list is exhaustive. Yet the government kept mum, and in January 2023, the Khattar government increased Muslim cleric pay by 50 percent. Have you ever heard of such a hike anywhere in the corporate sector?

Post the genocide, the moment VHP started protests in Delhi and other parts of the country, the super efficient left cabal, without wasting any time, reached the friendly neighbourhood Supreme Court. And knowing its fondness for anything remotely anti-Hindu, without even listening to the other side, the Hindu side, the SC ordered three state governments to ensure that no hate speech was being used.

But what about the concentrated effort to wipe out the Hindu population from Nuh?

Did the court take a Sou Motto notice of that too? The government, the court, my lords, everyone was on vacation, stripped of all their sensitivity and legal remedies when Kashmiri pandits were killed, raped, and butchered.

Dear Hindus, Sun Moto is only used for minorities, and that too for Muslim minorities. The government of the day is taking us for granted as they know we don't have a choice. But the fault lies with us. We have outsourced the Hindu agenda to BJP due to our cowardice and laziness. We believe that by casting our vote in their favor, we have completed our Dharam and duty towards Hindus. The day Nuh mob reaches your fancy condos, No BJP will come to your rescue. The day the left cabal, or the government of some other party books you under some frivolous act, no BJP will stand by you. You are on your own. So stop fooling yourself with all the development agenda. What good is 20 km of highway daily if a Hindu driving on it is unsafe?

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