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Take a look at me now...

Projection is the actual game, more significant than the truth.

Creating a perception, a myth, and an aura is the real deal.

No wonder we all are busy projecting ourselves, making the world perceive us in a particular way, and making a concentrated effort to appear cool and hip. Contrary to who we are, an extension of narcissism, this projection creates a larger-than-life image we intend to create for the world. It’s not restricted to Bollywood anymore; as a matter of fact, it has become rampant, especially in corporate circles. Here are the kinds of perception projections being used by people.

1. Oh, I am so loaded

To project as a successful and well-doing executive, we all know how the world has started using First Copy, from watches to belts, bags to shoes. Walk into any Real estate company or a mid-sized corporation, and you will see what I mean, right from the top man to the junior executive: Gucci, Patek Philippe, Ferragamo, Fendi, LVMH, Armani Exchange, Burberry, and similar brands sitting on feet, desks, wrist and waist.

My observation: When you step out of your Kia, I’m forced to believe those Gucci loafers are not the real deal.

2. My life is a travelogue, bitch

The next big thing on the Projection spin list is flaunting vacations.

Destinations are chosen not based on what the places offer but on their trending capacity. From Leh to Bali, Italy to France, the list changes as per the season and type of projection intended. The senior management chooses more exotic and esoteric destinations. Dubrovnik, Rio de Janeiro, and Ubud are the trending destinations for 2023.

My observation: Travel for experience, not hype; treasure memories in your heart, not on your iPhone 14.

3. Live young, live free

Being a wanderer, wild, and untamed is another trending projection. Thanks to the creature comfort-loaded Thar, low-priced Harleys, and Karol Bagh, every middle management soldier wants to accentuate their wanderer claim. These weekday slaves get morphed into different animals during the weekend, visiting the nearby villages, posing and living it up on Insta feed.

My observation: True wanderers focus on unchartered routes and journeys and cherish the anonymity, not the likes on the Insta feed.

4. Main bhi influencer

Oh boy, this is the big one and takes the cake. Transcending the rank, sex and age, swayed by the stories of millions being made by the influencer, everyone is trying to emulate their success saga. The competition is maddening, from fashion to food, travel to entertainment, and coach to trainer. Everyone who is anything wants to be a part of this race. Every executive has become a content creator and thinks in terms of likes, share and subscribe.

My observation: All this happens at the cost of your work. God forbid, if you get fired, YouTube won't feed you.

Get real, it is more liberating.

- Amit Shankar

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