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Masterclass on barbarism

For people who never knew the literal sense of barbarism are in for a masterclass on the same. Hamas terrorists, in yet another display of their genetically aligned sense of cowardice, attacked, raped and killed sleeping civilians, including children, women and elderly people. In a completely unprovoked attack, they stormed into Israel, catching them by surprise and ensuring the world saw the most heinous and diabolic face of green terror. More than 5000 rockets were fired during 30 odd minutes, turning civilian catchment areas into rubbles

Five-year-old kids’ throats were slit n front of their parents, young girls were raped and paraded naked, and even dead bodies were not sparred, showcasing the ugly meaning of necrophilia. As of now, 1200 Jews have been killed.

Amidst all this senseless blood, gore and crime against humanity, the left-liberals and Muslims out on the streets show solidarity with the Hamas terrorists. It’s appalling, to say the least, that in the real world, people support terrorists and acts of terror under the name of religion. Yet, we have repeatedly been told that terror has no religion.

What religion do the Hamas terrorists belong to?

What is the religion of ISIS terrorists?

What was the men's religion responsible for the World Trade Tower bombing?

What was the region of terrorists responsible for the Mumbai blast?

And the list is exhaustive.

Let us stop fooling ourselves. Terror does have a religion and this religion has become a global nuisance, from New Zealand to Afghanistan, Australia to Palestine.

What baffled me a little was the Congress party coming out supporting Palestine.

The AICC has passed a resolution reiterating its long-standing support for “the rights of the Palestinian people to land, self-government and to live with dignity”.

Dear Mr. Kharge, the women raped, the children killed, the dead naked bodies of women paraded on the streets by Hamas terrorists had no right to life and dignity? But then we all know this is the same party whose 50-year-old Youth Leader was at JNU expressing solidarity with the ‘Tukde-Tukde’ gang. This is the same party that wanted to give Mumbai terror killing a Hindu terror face.

This is not the first time we have seen the peaceful religion wreak havoc.

From Khilji to Aurangzeb, we as a nation have been subjected to their savagery.

The gruesome killing of the Kashmir Pandits in the recent past was also a potent showcase of what this community is capable of doing. Men were cut into two using a saw.

We as a nation need to be cautious of our porous borders and of a prime minister who gets swayed by the secular rant and starts believing that his scholarship and seeing machines can change the hearts of a community soaked in a hateful doctrine.

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