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Seven titles
Million plus readers

1. Flight of the Hilsa
2. Chapter 11
3. Love is Vodka, A Shot Ain't Enough
4. Cafe Latte
5. Never Alone, Always Lonely
6. Uberlegen
7. A Step Here, A Mile There


Flight of the Hilsa 

His debut novel, Flight of the Hilsa was released in 2010.

A woman-centric story, it demystifies happiness from a woman's perspective. Avi, the protagonist became a potent reflection of a modern-day, Indian woman. This title earned him critical acclaim as well as commercial success. Launched during a period when pulp fiction was ruling the writing scene in India, Flight of the Hilsa, brought back the romance and writing charm of a bygone era. No wonder, the title represented India at the Frankfurt and Beijing Book Festival under Contemporary Indian Fiction category.

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Chapter 11 

A bold, never before narrative set amidst corporate sleaze, muck, and confused ambitions.

It implores the confusion of a young man from a small town, dreaming of a happy life in a big city, working for a multi-national, assuming it to be the epitome of happiness.  The title addressed issues of migration, eroding moral values, the decaying institution of marriage and the need for contentment. All this woven around a spineless corporate world. 

A story ahead of its time, it generated raised eyebrows and applaud. 

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Love is Vodka, A Shot Ain't Enough 

A story about Moon, the loon, a rebellious teenage girl who explores love in its true hue.

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Cafe Latte

The only title that decodes varied shades of death while romanticizing the same. A collection of eighteen unusual stories, many stories from this collection have been adapted into short films.

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Never Alone, Always Lonely

An International release, in this beautiful coffee table book, Amit's collection of poems has been translated by top Indian-European painters and photographers.



His latest title redefines the paradigm of storytelling. A story that travels half the world, finally resting on the bank of Ganges, amidst the chaos of Kumbha Mela. Based on the premise of Deva-Asura and Amrit, Amit sets the preposition in modern time.

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A Step Here, A Mile There

Amit Shankar and his Literature Platform, TGILF, curated this well-crafted Indo-Hungarian poetry anthology that features top poets and artists. This coffee table book was a collaboration between TGILF and the Hungarian Embassy, it was released amidst much fanfare in April 2019. 

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