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The Holy War

First things first.

India is a nation, not a country and a nation and country are not the same.

A country is about geographical boundaries and statistical data where as a nation is something profound—etched in values, ethos, and principles, it is an identity that has evolved over a period of time. While a passport represents a country, Ideas, views, and doctrine represent a nation. Vivekananda speaking at the US Congress is a potent case of epitomizing a nation.

It is this clarity that will accentuate our identity; both, as a nation and as nationalists.

Who are we? 

Of course, Hindus of this great nation called Hindustan. 

Every citizen is a Hindustani. 

No wonder, many Muslim nations refer to Indians as Hindus. 

Hindu is our Identity, not a religion. 

Somewhere during the numerous invasions, specifically during the British times, things got distorted. Ganga became Ganges, Ram got renamed as Rama and Hindustan as India.

Post the British rule, sorrowfully the power got vested with people who had little or no knowledge of Hinduism. With power being their sole driver, they immediately realized the urgency to attack the binding factor. No wonder, they immediately attacked the foundation, in a very systematic manner.

Renaming the roads, memorials and buildings after the Muslim invaders and one family, promoting a culture that abhorred Hindu religion, propagating a stream where modernity was associated with drinking, eating beef, abusing motherland and looking down on anything that had to do with Hindu Gods and Goddesses. 

Nehru was the poster boy of this new liberalization. 

A certified debauch, he had a strong disdain for anything Hindu. 

Taking his viewpoint further to completely destroy the notion of nation, he hired historians who were lap dogs.  In no time, every school book was propagating invaders as icons. Bhagat Singh became a terrorist whereas Tipu Sultan, a great ruler. 

One of the liberals, Prashant Bhushan, is still trying to prove that Bhagat Singh was a terrorist.

The very idea of Hindustan as a nation was lost. 

Womaniser Nehru, Egomaniac Indira, Myopic Rajiv, Dumb Sonia and a Retard Rahul ensured that every single cog that supported this ideology was destroyed and replaced by an alien culture. Historians to writers, actors to bureaucrats were deployed to fan the notion of Liberal and Secular forward. 

But what was the definition of Liberals and Secular? 


Abuse Hindus and you became liberal, pamper the Muslims and you got certified as a secular.

All this would have never changed if Modi had not come to power.

Sonia knew his leaning and therefore did everything to have him removed from the political scene of India. Gujarat riots to fake encounters; she tried her best.

Luckily for Hindus, he survived.

2014 was a turning point.  

The conch roared, the saffron fluttered and the idea of a nation shimmered again. 

Millions of confused Hindus could see hope.

From constructing the Ram Mandir to abolishing the partisan article 370, the 'To Do' list was exhaustive.

From the ramparts of the Red Fort the foundation of a nation was laid again and the tremors felt across the world—America to China. In no time, the world started looking at us with a newfound respect. From ‘bloody Indians’ we became ‘wow, Indian.’ London to New York, Dubai to Nepal, head of states were breaking protocols in extending us the red carpet. This newfound admiration started reflecting in FDI, GDP, global ratings and not to forget a new found self –respect.

The Liberals and Seculars were shocked. 

Rattled by the fast-growing concept of nation, the waged a war, an Unholy War, against the man, his ideas, his victory, his surge. It was not an easy task. But the vampires of politics were not giving up this easily. After the constant and humiliating electoral defeat, state after state, they could see the country voting for governance, growth and inclusion.

They could feel the idea of a nation reverberate again.

The drafted a plan, a simple one.

Break India into smaller parts, basis caste, sub caste, religion, and sub-religion, and seed a caste and class narrative. Of course our ever obliging Media was there to help. Assistance also came from regional satraps who could see no future for their devious agenda and caste-based politics. Mamata to Maya, Sonia to Kejriwal, every one joined hands. 

Against whom? Well, the idea of nation.

Kairana to Rohit Vemula, Beef smugglers to Dalit oppressions, stories were cooked and planted to whip up a frenzy. Bollywood, known for its proximity to Dawood supported all this. SRK to Aamir, Kareena to Mahesh Bhatt, the vocal outburst made people sit up. 

Award Wapasi Gang was also working overtime.

The idea of a nation started wakening. 

The man behind it, out of choice, had to realign his priorities. 

But today, I want to tell the man that this war is a Holy War; for him, you and I. 

It is a war for nation building. 

It is a war against the infidels, the stone pelters, the separatists, every single Muslim who rejoices Pakistan’s win, every writer whose heart bleeds for Pakistan, every celeb who thinks rohingyas deserve our hospitality and every citizen, politician, jurist, lawyer who still believe that Kasab was innocent and our army is a bunch of rapists and killers.

Let the Holy War continue. 

Let us give it all we have. 

Let us have our nation only for nationalists for the rest, of course, there is Pakistan.

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