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Sanity, Objectivity and Hindus

What is common between Caesium, Francium, Rubidium, and Hindus? All of them are highly reactive. The first three are the most reactive compounds, and the Hindus, remnant of a great cultural-spiritual legacy.

Before getting branded as a Hindu-hater, let me unequivocally state my unflinching, staunch Hindu credentials. Having said that every time I see us hyperventilating over some obscure, orchestrated incident I can’t help but question our resilience and sagacity. Anything and anyone can set us seething; from Kangana’s rant to a movie named The Kashmir Files.

Our misguided anger campaigns always come with few constant; feigned ignorance and deep slumber before the external trigger. Please don’t tell me that before the release of The Kashmir Files we were not aware of the heart-wrenching genocide of the Kashmiri Pandits.

Yes, I call it genocide and not an exodus because the systematic way in which an entire race was cleansed can only be termed as genocide. Of course, we knew about it, but feigned ignorance. However, the moment a Bollywood director decided to use the issue to resurrect his mediocre career, we plastered social media with our adrenaline.

Is anything wrong with The Kashmir Files? Not at all. If a filmmaker prefers political issues; Tashkent Files to Kashmir Files, it is entirely his prerogative. But reacting vehemently to these orchestrated narratives is foolish on our part.

To all the hyperventilating nationalist Hindus, I have just one question. Was the great unifier of Hindus, the saffron party not present in this country when the gut-wrenching exodus happened? Was the saffron party not in bed with the ruling dispensation of that time, VP Singh’s government? What did they do? And what did we do?

Every time I see us outsourcing our agenda to a political party, a person, or to the fringe elements, I can’t help but cringe. From army veterans doing almost rehearsed, comical chest-thumping on TV channels to news anchors running obnoxious kangaroo courts, to men whose acts would have put Lord Ram to shame now running the sole franchise of Hindutva, the list of fake and devious pseudo-Hindus enticing us, using our emotions to fuel their agenda is endless.

For a moment let me assume the outburst of Hindus to be justified.

What do they plan to do about it apart from posting a few words on social media? If there is one thing we can learn from Rahul Gandhi is that social media is no platform to deliver social justice. Get real, get on the ground and be ready to get your hands dirty. How many of us are ready for it? Trust me, none.

With more than five hundred films on the holocaust, the directors, actors, producers got what they were seeking — award to money, name to fame. But what did the victims get? Satyajit Ray blatantly sold poverty; impoverished and regressive society and carved a niche for himself. But what did the poor get? Nothing.

The genocide of Kashmir Pandits is one of the most barbaric, heinous, and unfortunate incidences of our democracy. Despite a chosen government, both at the center and the state, erudite and beacon of morality and wisdom, my Lords, a book named constitution and the much-touted and debated fundamental rights, lakhs of Kashmiri Pandits were rendered homeless in their own country that too without a whimper. No government came to their rescue, no court took suo motu notice of their plight and we, the Hindus acted as if nothing ever happened.

So it is not the movie, The Kashmir Files that is the bone of contention but our over the top reaction. People will keep using us to milk their own agenda.

What should be the way forward? Blame has to be fixed, culprits brought to justice and the victims compensated. But can we do it?

Do you know Yaseen Malik, a terrorist turned separatist, accused of killing Hindus and an airforce officer still lives to narrate the tales of his misadventure. Do you know Farooq Ahmed Dar, aka Bitta Karate, the current chairman of the JKLF has admitted to murdering multiple Kashmiri Pandits during their 1990 exodus is still alive? The Abdullah, The Muftis, and a plethora of political scavengers responsible for the genocide still spew venom under the garb of freedom of speech?

How come they never get us angry? Why do we need a film or a statement from a celebrity to upset us? Why can’t we face the facts and identify the real culprits and direct our rage towards them? Why do we waste time discussing if a clown named Kapil Sharma should be banned for not featuring The Kashmir Files team?

This is the premise of my argument.

If you feel so strongly, be the catalyst, do something that will bring about a change. If Hindu is who you think you are, practice Hinduism, live by its tenet, imbibe its virtues in your day-to-day life. Don’t get swayed by the narrative put up by charlatans who want to use your emotions for their own gain. Just like truth, real strength resides deep within us.

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