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Meera vs Meera

A word of caution: Meera Vs Meera is not meant to be read like a newspaper or a novel. First, it ought to be assimilated, ingested, and then deciphered and discussed. Give it time and it will make you see things from a different perspective.

A translation of ‘Pachrang Chola Pahar Sakhi Ri’; a critically acclaimed book by the renowned academician, Prof Madhav Hada, Meera Vs Meera is one of the most authentic works that elucidates upon the life, time, and influences of Meera.

Successfully translated by Pradeep Trikha, he has managed to capture the essence and soul of the personality, the era, and the society. Mr. Trikha needs to be lauded for his impeccable narration and craft.

Divided into 6 chapters; life, society, religion narrative, canonisation and image construction, this title is a true reflection of the 16th century, a period that has been narrated with heavily tinted glasses.

This title aptly sets the context right when it says, “It can be safely concluded that the overall society during Meera’s time was quite different from that seen through a post-colonial and feminist lens.“

A brilliant title, Meera Vs Meera projects the Bhakti Saint Meera in a new hue, something not known to many. Also, it is a powerful historical and social record setting a new paradigm of discussion around the myths of language, legacy, and culture.

Well researched, brilliantly articulated, Meera vs Meera is a must read for every one who wants to get a real picture Meera and her social life in 16th century.

Thank you Prof Madhav Hada for making us see Meera as a human, a woman. Vani Book Company, a huge round of applause to you for bringing out such a powerful narration.

Amit Shankar Best-selling author, of five titles, Poet, Brand consultant, Nationalist, Political analyst, Speaker, Founder — TGILF, House of Lions

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