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What they did not teach you at INC

Rahul, yes, we know the results of 2019 elections would have been a big shock to you.

But trust me, the nation knew about it. Strangely, most of the opinion polls, exit polls were precise in their predictions. Of course, the battery of your spokesperson branded exit polls as biased, fabricated and funded by the BJP. But then that is the Congress culture.

Though you have been a bad student throughout and I am not going to be drawn into an argument of your fake degrees, but try to devote 3-4 minutes to this column and learn a few things.

1. Quit, Reorganise, Regrow

The days of dynasty and dynasts are over. Look around, from Misa to Dimple Yadav, Scindia to Gehlot, Jitin to RPN Singh, the list is endless. People are sick and tired of their entitlement and want equal playing field.

So the way forward, resign from the post that has been bestowed upon you, be a Congress worker, work and build it, right from the block level. Earn respect of your party worker, not awe and fear. Let them know you, see the real Rahul. Let them share real stories, dreams, aspirations. Trust me it will work wonders for you and your party

2. Consistency

Why is Modi winning?

What is that one factor that makes him score over the others?

Of course his work, oratory etc. But there is something else that sets him apart.

He treats himself as a BRAND and displays remarkable consistency.

Look at his appearance, his beard, his specs, his walk, his gait.

It is always in sync. All his pictures are always the same, bright, full of hope with that trademark smile, the right angle, the right posture. It is straight out of Brand Manual. And look at yourself.

Unshaven, sporting an ill fitting kurta-pyjama, no consistence either in speech or appearance. And please, repetition of ‘Chowkidar Chor Hai’ is not consistency, it is stupidity.

Also, decide for once as to who are you? A Hindu, Muslim, Christian?

Flaunting Janayu and proving your creds as a Janayu Dhari Brahmin was bad optics. No one is interested in your religion. People want to know what you can do for them not where do you worship.

Also, Muslim appeasement or any appeasement won’t work. You have to work, deliver, inspire, lead.

3. Truth is powerful

We get tempted and swayed to indulge in mud slinging, trying to whip up a false narrative. But then you know it better that it seldom works. You might not realise but ‘chowkidar char hai’ slogan has cost you like crazy. If Modi was a chor was there any money trail? Was there any proof? NO! Just because you will repeat the same thing will not make it true.

4. Build a powerful Agenda

What do you want to do for the people?

What is your agenda?

How do you propose to generate jobs?

Nyay was a sham, not a solution. Grow up and realise that the country needs solution. Modi provided Ujwala, Jan Dhan, Mudra, Healthcare and see where he is today. He has vision for the next 5 years, 10 years and even 20. He knows exactly where he wants the country to be and how. He has plans, schemes, both short and long term. When he came to power in 2014, he was talking of 2020. He had set the agenda for 2019 back in 2014.

Trust me, someone who could not win a Jind Vidhan Sabha seat, should not be your mentor. As far as Sam is concerned, If Chowkidar Chor Hai cost you 20-30 seats, Hua to Hua for sure would have cost you more than that. Stop this arrogance.

Also, Social media outrage and Divya Spandana are not agendas but liabilities.

5. 24x7

Remember, you are up against Modi. The man with some secret source of uninhibited energy. Forget about foreign vacations, leaves , picnics. You have to commit yourself 24x7, for the coming 15 years. Anything less, well…

7. Fire

Get rid of all baggage. From Digvijay to Sam, Kamalnath to Sajjan. They are deterrent to your growth and vision.

8. Be Humble

One thing which millions of viewers have noticed that every single spokesperson of your party is arrogant, curt and comes with a sense of entitlement. From Pawan Khera to Sanjay Nirupam, Shama Mohamed to Rajeev Tyagi, not only are they abusive but not worthy of being called in for a civilised debate. The optics they get for you and party has done you a lot of damage. Remember, Rajiv Tyagi addressed a TV anchor as ‘Bhand’ and ‘Dalal’?

Last but not the least, genuine love for country and countrymen shows. Remember, you don’t own this nation, you are not its destiny, you are not masters and we not slaves. Got your facts right and try with all your heart. Surely, one day you will cross the 100 mark.

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