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The WAR Cry

Like any other general elections, this time too the lines have been drawn—between right and wrong, white and black.

Both the sides are convinced of being the moral side, the righteous party. The shrill war cry fills echoes through the country. Deafening promises, twisted narrative, accusations being hurled and what not.

However, the election of 2019 comes with a difference.

This time a large part of the nation is not divided on party lines, but on national lines. Yes, the division is between nationalists and anti-nationals. I know, some of you would debate that these two are not the opposite of each other. But fine, we can do it on some other platform.

Today, India has two kinds of Indians.

One, who are with the country, its army, the development story, who love growth, feel good when the world looks at them with admiration, live to beat Pakistan, on and off the cricketing ground and then there are second types. These can be identified by their traits of abusing the country, its growth story, its army, its PM, its government, doubt everything, from CEC to CAG, SC to the security forces. They would rather believe the Pakistan government than their own.

This election is clearly between these two.

Irrespective of who wins, the nation would lose. Even if the nationalists win, having the opposing camp within the country would mean not realising the growth potential to the fullest. It would also imply that anti- India forces would always have a strong base within, destabilising our growth.

During these five years somewhere the opposition slipped.

They started confusing between Anti-Modi and Anti-India. They are not the same. However their parochial stance and statements have made the nation believe that they are.

The first time voters are watching this churn with fascination.

From the hard working son of the soil to cute dimples, they have a choice to make. Media and tech savvy, they are quick in lending their support but quicker in taking it back too.

Fickle loyalties and hearts would rule the EVM this time.

For the rest of the voters, the minds are conditioned. They know which button to press and why.

Though the opinion polls are still not favouring any one party, but the undercurrent is strong and sure. The nation knows what it requires. The transformation saga is hard to be ignored; the social changes cannot be missed.

Above all, the decisive leadership that instils national pride, hope and confidence would be a big turning point.

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