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The Perfect Family Picture

A Bar Girl, A Coke addict, an Alcoholic and a certified Land grabber…

Presenting the most dysfunctional and corrupt political family of not only India but the world; the Gandhi Family.

As far as Sonia’s academic and mental faculties are concerned, the lesser said the better. The last office held by her before being appointed as Congress President was that of a Bar Girl somewhere in Italy. Collecting tips to being the sixth richest person in the world, for sure she has come a long way.

But I don’t hold it against her.

If a Chai Wallah can be the PM why can’t a Bar Girl be the President of India’s oldest political party? Also, the nation can never forget how speedily her Italian genes absorbed the devious political manoeuvres of India’s polity. But with teachers like Indira Gandhi, Ahmed Patel and Rahul Gandhi we are not surprised.

The country is indebted to Subramanyam Swami for shooting off that fateful letter to the President, Late Abul Kalam that sealed the fate of Mrs Gandhi forever, murdering her dream of becoming Indian Prime Minister.

Out of the race and being a dynast, of course she had to pass on the mantle to her children.

Too bad, her son, Rahul neither had the acumen, nor the inclination to tackle the gruelling schedule of Indian politics. But out of choice, he tried. After losing 21 states, finally, as out of sympathy the nation gifted him MP, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan.

His coke abused memory guffaws; poor body language and lack of articulation, in no time turned him into a nation wide laughing stock. But when was the last time you saw a joker being coroneted as the PM?

But there was hope for the Gandhi family.

His sister Priyanka had the potential, the promise. Her charisma and tamed aggression was tailor made for politics. But then destiny has a cruel sense of humour. Just when the nation assumed that she would take over the dynastic rule further, she fell in love, literally.

Marrying a small town boy, Robert Vadra and riddled with his mega insecurities, greed and unfounded aspirations, within no time she took to alcohol. Fighting bi-polar disorder, combating it with prolonged binge drinking, she chose to stay away.

Taking advantage of her clout, Robert Vadra in time emerged as the biggest land grabber.

His nefarious land deals were so ostentatious that in not time IT, ED and other government agencies were upon him. Unfortunately for him, the political vendetta excuse is not cutting any ice, either with the agencies or the people.

Brash, with a penchant for expensive clothes and watches, he has been a constant source of embarrassment for the Sonia-Rahul.

But then family comes first especially when others are treating you like a political pariah. Shooed away by Mamata, Mayawati, Naveen Patnaik and every other regional leader worth his or her salt, the family had to huddle up.

No wonder, Priyanka has been handed over Eastern UP and if sources are to be believed, the land grabber would be tried for grabbing eyeballs and votes.

Not a bad assortment.

In fact, the perfect Congress Family picture.

Nehru would be smiling proudly from wherever he is.

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