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The Fearless, Liberal and Outspoken

Do you need to take the law of the land for granted to justify being Fearless?

Is being Liberal all about supporting anti-nationals?

To be branded as ‘Outspoken’ is it imperative to rubbish every right view and idea?

It is time when these 3 adjectives used by the so called called fearless, independent and outspoken TV channels and newspapers to describe the likes of Gauri Lankesh needs to be questioned.

With the blurring of anti-national vis a vis anti-government rants, sickular ideology gaining momentum, we need to ask few pertinent questions.

What is freedom of expression and what amounts to its breach? Who in a democracy would decide the line? Is being Anti-National and Anti-Government the same or…

Look towards Bengal and you would know what I mean.

In case of any doubt, please refer to the gruesome killings of RSS workers in Kerala.

In not time you would see the two fold ploy—appeasing the Muslims as they vote in blocks and siding up with anyone who is anti-government/anti-national.

A lot many political parties, Congress, CPI, CPM BSP, SP have blurred the line dividing anti-nationals and anti-government and conveniently cross over, citing Freedom of Speech and some other rights listed by the myopic Ambedkar.

Is freedom of speech restricted to Muslims, Mamta, Ravish, Digivijay and Kanhiya only? Why is offering Namaz on streets, blocking road and life gets categorised under Freedom to practise religion but when it comes to worshipping Durga, the rules change?

To be honest, Gauri Lankesh’s murder did not cause me any pain. I was happy. Someone booked for sedition and on bail, someone who flaunted her pictures with Kanhiya, Umar Khalid, the Tukde-tikde gang, needs nither sympathy nor tears. In fact, my only contention was why her, why not someone more corrupt, more anti national, more boisterous, more powerful? This country is full of them.

However, what bothered me was the wrong precedence.

Bullets can’t be the answer or solution to any problem. If unchecked, just like the leftists, even the right wing elements would be forced to side up with violence. Though I wont blame them.

My friends ask me if I have turned into a Right Wing Sympathiser?

The answer is NO.

I am a nationalist who wants to see India rise and shine.

And as a nationalist, I know we need to get rid of the dark and devious forces, inflicting wounds on India.

I am tired of this circus where Kashmiri Pandits have no say, no place to go, but there is a mammoth lobby fighting for Rohingya Muslims. Sympathisers of Kasab and Memon enjoy the same rights as you and I. Till few months back, separatists who planned to destabilise the nation were provided security by the same nation. Why can’t their passports be seized and the whole gang hanged?

It is time for the sickulars, the leftists and the Muslims to behave.

Remember, everything is on a reciprocal basis. So, be Fearless, Liberal and Outspoken, but not at the cost of Nation.

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