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Respect, Bahnsali, Respect

Mr. Bhansali, it is the right time for you to learn the word RESPECT.

Trust me, if your parents had taught you the same, today, you would not be getting slapped, threatened and abused by almost the entire nation.

With the word Respect engrained, you would have checked your scheming brain before it mixed Fact with Fiction. With your sensibility embedded in respect, you would have accepted and appreciated the folklores, faith, and beliefs of people and would have never done anything to upset them. After all, where is the point of upsetting half the country to prove your point, which is not even a valid one?

Respect would have given you the confidence to respect your own craft and would have kept you away from all these cheap gimmicks that you use to sell your film. I was a fan of yours, till you meandered and started distorting history.

What is history? History is not what you think or believe or what the sycophants of Congress, Guha or Romila Thapar write. Therefore, history is not a POV, but a date, a memory, a narrative that is handed over from one generation to the other.

I think you have never been to a school or a college. Had you been, you would have heard the story of Padmini, the valor of that land and the gut-wrenching saga of 16,000 brave women who preferred death to disgrace. Just because you did not read about her, she cant be a Fictional Character. Wake up, Walt Disney did not make Chittor and we are not discussing Cinderella either.

For you and your so-called Historian friends, if there was no Rani Padmini then how come there is a Padmini Mahal? Or do you think the king, inspired by you, also believed in fantasy and named the palace after some fictional character whom you would choose to base your film on? Some coincidence, eh?

Respect would have made you and your fraternity; the weed smoking and coke snorting womanizers respect every religion and not reserve all of it for Muslims.

In India, especially in Rajasthan, Rani Padmini is a legend and is regarded as an epitome of sacrifice and valor. Before meddling with heritage, you should have known better. But the shrewd businessman in you would have assumed that you would get away with this one too the way you got away with Bajirao.

Sigh, every day is not a Sunday.

And please don’t try to project yourself as the victim.

In this case, million of Rajputs are the victims whom you have hurt beyond your comprehension. I know your fraternity is a bunch of suckers who are shameless to the core. But then, Mr. Bhansali, you should have known that still a large part of this country believes in their value, ethos and are proud of their culture. Fine, they are not as polished as you are, don’t drive fancy cars, don’t party in Cannes, but it doesn’t mean that you will take their faith and trample all over it?

The slap you had and more that are on their way are well deserved by you. Living with the sense of grandeur, you would have been sure of no opposition as you are a top director. Sadly, there is a world outside too.

I would be so glad if you get slapped, beaten up, kicked …no, I don’t want you to be killed. After all, you have to learn the long pending lesson of RESPECT.

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