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Finally, it took 5 mortals to deliver justice to the Lord.

Outlandish it sounds that Maryada Purshottam Ram, the source of our ethos, value system and reflection of an ideal man had to fight for years to claim his existence, his birthplace. But I am not stunned, as it could have transpired only in India.

With Ram being a part of our lives, from daily greeting of Ram-Ram to the last journey being accompanied by Ram Nam Satya Hai, India should have eulogised him, making him a reference point for day-to-day living.

For every Indian battling the absence of role models, who better than the Lord himself to inspire them? From school to colleges, workplace to home, there should have been focussed effort to propagate Lord Ram’s way of living. However, we were too busy rubbishing him as a figment of imagination.

But what was the reason?

From Congress to several other political parties went out of their way to refute his existence as they confused Ram representing Hindus and Hinduism. How could they forget that even in Indonesia, which is a Muslim country, Ram, Ram Leela is an intrinsic part of their culture? They accept having changed their religion but not ancestors. For the Muslims of India, this unpretentious acceptance seems to be an uphill task.

The SC verdict has ensured the following

1. The high decibel debate, spearheaded by Congress, denying the existence of Ram will come to an end.

2. Political opportunists using the imagery of Lord Ram to instil fear in the hearts of minorities, weaving a narrative of Hindu resurgence will ebb.

3. In absence of Ram and Ram Mandir, majority of political parties will have to re-strategies, looking for newer plank to mount their campaigns.

4. At ground level, Hindu-Muslim divide will heal and empathy will prevail.

9th November 2019 will go down in the annals of Indian history as a momentous day. Not only the SC verdict, which was unanimous, ruled in the favour of Lord Ram it also observed that the Babri Masjid was built on a pre-existing structure.

Amidst this entire conundrum I can't help but think of the paradox this country presents. Abuse the Lord, question his followers, question the Hindus and it is fine as the constitution guarantees Freedom of Speech. But when they are proved wrong, we are advised not to celebrate as it might hurt their feelings. I can’t see any logic in this. My Lord has won, my faith has won, my belief has won, why should I not celebrate? The same constitution that gives them the right to abuse my Lord also gives me the right to celebrate. Or is our constitution biased?

I have to congratulate the ruling government for maintaining impeccable law and order throughout the country. With this kind of governance, I don’t see any vested interests getting their plot right.

Regarding the banal argument of leftists, non-believers and paid agents that a school, hospital should be built over the then disputed site, have the balls to suggest the same to your Muslim brothers in context of their Holy land.

This historical moment can be the turning point for our polity, countrymen and country. Acceptance could pave the way to a glorious future. Also, it is time to apprehend and shun divisive politics and move forward, to a glorious future.

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