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Puncture Wallas, Nationalism and the Law of Generalization

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Horses are fast.

Elephants are big.

Lions are powerful and majestic.

Sikhs are gallant and hard working.

Baniyas are the world’s best business brains.

And Puncture wallas are traitors, anti-nationals and terrorists.

Of course, there would be spillovers.

But largely it is safe to generalise as the gene pool carried via the bloodline manifests into a set of homogenous traits, aptitude and behaviour.

Ever heard of any wrestler named Deba Ghosh or Shujoy Chakravorty?

Or of a chess player named Sunil Rathi or Devander Dabas?

Don’t fume over my premise.

Stop for a moment and try thinking of any Muslim who has been in the news for any act of nationalism or patriotism. Yes, they have been in the news for refusing to stand during the national anthem, refusing the say Bharat Mata Ki Jia and being a part of every single action that singles them out.

Also, scan your Google feed.

You will be surprised that every single act of terror, riot, arson, cow smuggling, beef smuggling, drug smuggling, anti-national statements have been made by Muslims. Barring esoteric cases of Dr Kalam, Abdul Hameed, Brig Usman, history is replete with examples of Muslim’s hate for India. Dawood to Yakub, Afzal to the latest ungrateful Muslim, ex VP of India, Hamid Ansari.

Do you know as an Indian Ambassador to Iran, 1990-92 he compromised RAW agents by co-operating with SAVAK, the Iranian secret service?

I am sure you already that that he is the uncle of the infamous Mukhtar Ansari, the mafia lord from Uttar Pradesh who has links with the ISI.

Despite this, owing to the politics of Muslim appeasement, he became the the Vice President. Did no one check his family tree, his past record, his service records? Can anyone hold any constitutional post? Is being a 'Puncture Wallah' the only qualification required in this country?

I won’t get into the various cases of financial misappropriation and how he used his office to splurge our hard earned money on fuelling his personal whims.

But what I would like to highlight is his commitment towards Islam and his fellow brothers that still makes him feel ‘insecure’ in a country where he was elected as the Vice President. In a land of unequal opportunities, where every government doles out grants, subsidies and concessions to Muslims what stops his fellow brothers from shunning their “Puncture Shops” and becoming a CEO, scientist, or for that matter the President?

In his recently launched book "Dare I Question? Reflections on Contemporary Challenges" Hamid has displayed his disdain for India and Hindus via his audacious attempt to define nationalism in the context of India's plural society.

He has used his book to seed fear into the minds of his “Puncture brothers” and liberals about democracy shaping into "illiberal, ethnic democracy based on the principles of a socio-political philosophy called Hindutva, whose core concepts circumscribe the ambit of citizenship.”

Of course, owing to our liberal friends, his tile has already been dubbed as the "finest pieces of literature”. I am not shocked or surprised as I know this adulation being a part of the left-liberal narrative, trying to brand hindu and saffron as religion of terror and division.

For how long should be subjected to this torture and humiliation?

As per me, the way forward should include few action items.

  1. Accepting the fallacy of the slogan, Hindu-Muslim Bhai Bhai. They are not our brothers. If you think someone who could not be loyal to their blood to be your friends or brothers, God be with you. If you have doubts, look up history.

  2. Exposing them, their treachery, their nati national acts, thoughts , their blood thirsty religion and their false propaganda on social media

  3. Treating them as our Enemies, parasites who have damaged our nation and society beyond recognition.

  4. Supporting Right wing organisations, leaders, speakers, leading them our support

  5. Accepting that the real menace has roots elsewhere, Muslims are just the branches.

Hamid Ansari, I am glad that we have people like you who drag us out of our siesta and accepting you and your “Puncture brothers” as the biggest enemy of the nation.

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