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More than a Rape

As far as any civil society is concerned, for rape one sentence should sum it up—death sentence.

However, due to certain reason, the society stands divided on the same.

On one hand, there is a strong voice for the motion but then a large part is against it too. Maybe the reason is political.

I have to admit that I don’t have any verified data but as long as my memory serves, most of the rape cases that get reported, the rapists belong to a particular community and if any aberration, the names are quickly mentioned.

I will focus on the Kathua Rape Case.

Of course, the girl needs justice and that too immediately. But then is this rape as simple as it seems? The quick ‘anti-government’ chant, placard with similar messages from celebs, even printed t-shirts at Istanbul airport leaves me with little option but to believe that it is all orchestrated and well-funded.

A few facts

1. Did you get to see the picture of the Unnao rape victim? For that matter, a picture of Nirbhaya? Then how and why pictures of ‘Asifa’ have been released?

2. Did you ever get to know the name of Unnao rape victim or till this date the real name of Nirbhaya? Why is the name Asifa used everywhere? To promote the idea of the minority not being safe?

3. How and why the Bollywood celebs came out with a similar message with 3 highlights; Hindustan, Asifa and Devi Sthan. Remember, this is the same brigade who is averse to the identity and name ‘Hindustan’ but for some reason choose to display it on placards.

4. Why is the State government, Mufti and Omar, against CBI inquiry? This is the first case where the state government is fighting for not letting the case go to CBI. Why?

5. As per the initial report, the girl was held captive in some basement of the temple. But there is no basement there. It is a small temple, open from all side. There is hardly any place to hide anyone. Also, on the 15th January, the time when the girl was supposedly held captive, there was a ‘bhandara’ at the temple. With hundreds of people walking in and out, would a rapist be stupid enough to keep victim there?

I think there are the following parties to this unfortunate and heinous crime.

1. Opposition Political Parties: Of course, they want to use this as a platform to project India as ‘unsafe’ and pull down Narendra Modi for not being able to protect ‘betis’

2. Media: More TRP and another chance to please their master, Rahul Gandhi.

3. Left Liberals: Page 3 socialites, so-called intellectuals and anyone with Left inclination who want to use this opportunity to present BJP as a part that can’t maintain law and order

4. Social media enthusiast: Who just get swayed by the news, posts and press the ‘like’ or ‘angry’ button.

To me, it is a Political Narrative, woven painstakingly by the Congress-Left. However, much to their chagrin, it has run amok. With the picture of ‘Trishul’ with a condom and other objectionable images of Hindu icons, they have alienated a large part of Hindus. People at large can see the ploy; use a horrific incidence to gain political brownies. No wonder, Rahul Gandhi looks so ruffled.

Till 2019, he will do whatever it takes to bring BJP down—Dalit movement, Rape politics, Farmer Agitation, Candle Marches and the list is exhaustive.

My thought: Hang the rapist/s. But don’t blame everything on Modi. 

By the way, Law and Order are state subjects.

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