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Know Less, Love More

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

It is hard to substantiate my premise.

But a cursory observation will prove it.

The index of Nationalism is somehow rooted in education vis a vis ignorance.

After all, any rational person can't sacrifice his or her life for a piece of land that becomes motherland for the ignorant and uninitiated.

How is this piece of land any different from the one in Bangladesh or Pakistan?

Why epitomize it and package it as motherland?

A large number of our soldiers who get killed at the LoC, in Kashmir and North East hail from villages of Punjab, Haryana, UP, Bihar, MP, Jharkhand Uttarakhand, and other states. It is a rarity that students from premier institutes opt for the Army.

Does education take away the emotion to that is required to emote for the country?

I guess it does. Like love, nationalism is also not rational. It is just a sense of euphoria, something that either you feel or you don't. And if you sit down to analyze the pros and cons, both, love for a girl also for the motherland, won't be able to hold its ground.

Logic gives us the power to reason, analyze. Sadly love for one's country is about heart, not mind. Maybe that is the reason why ninety-nine percent of our intellectual class abhor the idea of the motherland and are constantly in forceful discourse, running it down.

In the present context, name one writer who supports the cause of Motherland?

From the erudite Amitava Ghosh to the vitriolic Arundhati Roy abusing India, its patriots and the government is their favorite avocation. I know they get paid and it makes them no better than mercenaries.

Are you aware that 100 writers filmmakers have come together, urging people to vote out the Modi government?


Because it is a Pro-India, Pro-Hindu government.

Pro-Hindu here does not imply anti-Muslim.

It means a decisive, pro-India government and of course India is a land of Hindus. As a large part of the nation is rallying behind the government for their Balakot step, entering Pakistan and destroying terror camps, these intellectuals are trying to discredit the government by raising doubts.

Can any India loving heart question the valor of our forces?

We all know the answer.

However, from the JNU scholars to the IITian Kejriwal, Ivy League graduate Chidambaram to the articulate Sibal, they all echo the same thought.

Damn India, long live our enemy Pakistan.

Is it more of a political compulsion or their natural reaction?

Impervious to any love for their nation, these intellectuals are groomed on hatred for their motherland and come with a sense of false entitlement. Their logic tells them that India is a piece of land, a physical asset that has a price and period.

Well, I am too old to hate my country, also too naïve.

So long live India, long live nationalists, and long live every heart that beats for India.

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