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In The Shadows

Raz Babbar is ready to resign, so is Kamal Nath and a dozen more Congress flunkies who were decimated during the 2019 elections. But have you heard Priyanka offering her resignation?

Responsible for Eastern UP, she lost every single constituency where she campaigned. Most of the candidates from Eastern UP lost their deposits too. The Grand Old Party of India losing deposits?

Yes, that is the how INC is stacked up right now.

And the reason?

Imagine Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi nominating Saif for Indian Captaincy followed by Saif nominating Sara Ali Khan. Sounds ludicrous and preposterous? This is what Congress party has been doing. Barring a few deviations, the Party Presidentship has stayed within the family, irrespective of competence and merit. During this election, we also saw son and daughter of Priyanka being presented on stage as the next line of leadership.

Truly nauseating.

It is not that the party is bereft of talent and leadership.

Capt Amrinder Singh for sure has it all to be the party president. But then will Gandhi-Vadra family take instructions from him? Unable to respect and tolerate any talent within the party, when they should have supported Captain with every ounce of their might, Vadra-Gandhi unleashed Siddhu upon him.

Could you ever compare a comedian to a leader like Captain who has stood his ground despite the 2014 and 2019 Modi wave?

What does a party need?

Leadership, vision, foresight and organisational skills.

Rahul and Priyanka both have proved to be complete failures on all the fronts.

For sure, it is time for radical change. Sooner the better.

Friends in Congress tell me that Rahul’s defeat was orchestrated by Vadra who in cahoots with Priyanka wants to plant her as the Party president and in turn have a control over the party. We all know how ambitious Vadra is and therefore this theory can’t be dismissed as a conspiracy theory.

Maybe that is why Priyanka is playing a devious game of supporting her brother yet wearing his stand pithing the party.

I am sure that Rahul will go. The Karnataka Congressmen are adamant on his removal. Even the young Turks want an alternative. But the million dollar question is who next? A rubber stamp president or a strong leader? Knowing Sonia I have my doubts that she would choose the latter. A strong President could mean an end for the family run enterprise, forever. That is something Sonia won’t accept.

While we wait let us accept that the nation has changed. If any party seek its revival, they better come up with something substantial than caste or empty slogans.

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