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I Want To Break Free

Historically and politically, the Congress government has been a government of blunders and myopic decisions.

From Nehru to Manmohan Singh, their lack of vision can be seen aplenty. However, two decisions that changed the course of politics in this country were both taken under the aegis of Rajeev Gandhi. Political novice that he was, his policies were dictated by the Doon coterie which had no inkling of the real India.

When Rajeev Gandhi decided to unlock the Ram Mandir, he presumed to be the messiah of the Hindus, as he thought it be a landmark action. Yes it was, but for the BJP.

This political adventurism cost the Congress heavily and for the first time set a motion that started polarising the Hindus.

It is no secret that since then, the country has seen nine general elections and the Congress has not won majority in even one. To make it worst, from 400 seats to 52, the downslide has been abysmal.

The second decision that changed the fate of this nation and congress was the Shah Bano case.

A frail Muslim woman fighting for justice, her maintenance, finally secured it via the Supreme Court. However, blinded by appeasement politics and guided by the archaic Maulavis Rahul Gandhi’s government overruled the judgement.

The ripples were strong and the undercurrents were immense and across the society. The appeasement turned sour, at least for some section of the Muslim population.

Nothing changed for Muslim women who were had no rights, no equality, no life, no future, all under the pretext of Sharia law. Talaq, Talaq, Talaq and it all ended for her. She was not even treated as a living being and under the repulsive ‘Halala’ practise was subjected to sleeping with a Maulavi or a relative of her husband to revive her marriage.

During times of equality, women empowerment, this was indeed a blot. But the Muslim clergy kept insisting to have it as it gave them a control over the women.

Finally, it took a man like Narendra Modi to hold the bull by its horn and to push for abolishing the draconian practise via legislature. During his first term he tried but failed. But then the winds changed and the sails turned and yesterday it was passed in the Upper House too.

If history were a true keeper of time, Narendra Modi will be remembered as a Messiah who changed the course for millions of Muslim women, giving them right to live, with dignity.

- Amit Shankar

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