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How to win 2019:The Big Idea, Part 2

Indian market is complex.

Addressing it is tricky and assiduous.

Though advertising gurus propagate the maxim of using universal drivers; love, hunger, safety and sex, but there is more to it. Especially if you see the market from an electoral perspective, you will get the drift. A pitch that resonates in Delhi might not cut ice in Kerala and vice versa.

The Solution

1. Market Segmentation

Divide and sub-divide voters.

Use as many filters as possible. Region, caste, age and priorities. Club and classify them under drivers, needs, aspirations, apprehensions. There would be sets and subsets. Watch the overlapping sets closely. In no time a pattern will emerge for regions and then for the country. This is the 'Grid of Truth' the sample size, the sample segment for whom the communication has to mounted, factoring their innate wish list.

2. The Construct

Break the campaign or the communication in parts; 4 to be precise.

Use the age old AIDA model.

A: Create broad based AWARENESS about the achievements and milestones. Give out all facts, not as numbers but as the end benefit.

I: I epitomises INTEREST. Use a Comparative Chart. Do it using comparison with a year or a period, like, 5 years vs 10, UPA vs NDA.

D: DECISION as it stands for, share what all would be achieved if BJP is voted back to power. Share long term plans and how it will affect the last person. Sell Advantages rather than numbers.

A: The last A stands for ACTION. Initiate Enrolment Drives, 'Member Get Member 'campaigns, involve every single worker of the cadre and entrust them with one simple role: Enrol 3 new members and ensure that all 3 get every information on BJP and come to vote for BJP

3. The Narrative

This would be a layered story telling.

With plots, twists and turns, hero and villains, story of dreams, apprehension, joy, victory and the big WIN.

The delivery of this narrative should happen at 5 levels

1. The PM talks of development, growth, what he did, achieved, what he wants to do, Nation first, National pride, nationalism, and prosperity.

2. The Party President implores Identity as a Nation, corruption in UPA, Hindutav, how opposition is playing into the hands of terror, anti-national forces, why it is important for every person to vote, what is the value of every single vote, Regional pride, addressing it.

3. The Party Spokesperson get into Pro-active mode, ATTACKING the opposition, bringing out old scams, pending investigation, on-going cases, 2G, 3G, etc etc. The stance has to be aggressive, that of offense, not defence.

4. MPs speak of area based agendas, growth, and how every vote will go towards strengthening Modi ji, how a lot has been done and how more needs to be done

5. Booth level worker talk of Modi ji and voting for him, strengthening him.

Subtle Messaging A lot has been done, yet a lot more needs to be done.

Promises have been fulfilled, but not in totality. Need more time to make the complete turnaround.

4. Medium

  • Outdoor for Broad based Messaging (Awareness)

  • Print for Comparison (Interest)

  • Online for both Awareness+Interest

  • Online for Decision

  • One on one for Action

The Premise

There are Bhakts: Energise them

There are Modi lovers: Give them more reason to love him

There are people who voted for him in 2014 but are angry: Seek another term to fulfil promises. Show them what all has been done

There are Modi Haters: Don’t waste energy on them

The Big Plank

Nationalism, Nation, Security of Nation, Anti-Terror victories, Anti-Corruption victories, Health Insurance, Education, Infra, Electricity, Connectivity, National Pride, No major terror attack, Hindutva and the Desire to Serve People like no other government.

2019 would be fierce. But I know the day is not far, when the nation will be celebrating 'Modi Sarkar, Aur Paach Saal'

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