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Hinduism: The Real Threat

Do you know what our problem is?

An abysmal lack of self-confidence.

No wonder, for every small thing we seek validation from someone or the other.

Like scavengers, we frequent news portals, social media handles, seeking anyone praising Hindus, Hinduism, or Hindutva. From an unknown white skin man or woman to a rabble-rousing journalist, a retired army officer, a wrestler, just about anyone. As soon as we find a picture, few words that supports our ideology, without wasting even a single minute we post it online, forward it to friends.

Riding high on this pitiable state of ours, people have made a fortune and we the Hindus an ass of ourselves.

No wonder, for us, the validation seeking Hindus a publicity-seeking lyricist is the flavor of this week.

Who is this songwriter?

I never heard his name before this controversy.

And by the way, his name itself is a reflection of his love for Urdu and things associated with it.

If he hates the Mughals and their ethos, surely he could have avoided a name that reflects otherwise. Dig deeper and you will be surprised to find his videos where his views are contrary to his latest statement.

So what is the reason?

Simple, there is only one way to get famous.

Evoke extreme hate from either the right or the left.

Had it not been for her anti-right views, would you have known Swara?

Surely not? Her contribution to flims is as sporadic as her knowledge or lack of it.

Apart from her frivolous trolls, what has been the contribution of Kangana to Hinduism or this nation during the past few years? Yet we have become her supporters.

As the entire Bollywood is riding the anti-right wagon, this songwriter strategically used the anti-left platform as it ensures a trending hashtag in no time. Surely he has hired a PR agency as he is all over the media, reality shows, etc., and makes pointed comments that are pushed via online media. His comment on Indian Idol was the starting point of the PR exercise.

But surely he has every right to promote himself.

Therefore, the problem lies within.

Do we need a Bollywood songwriter to validate our religion, our nation, our culture, and our history? Do we need a glib talking, white hair loser to make us feel more Indian or a greater Hindu? Do we need a retired army general whose only claim to fame is spewing venom on TV channels?

Our lack of self-confidence stems from our lack of knowledge.

Dear Hindus, please read. If nothing else, at least read the Bhagavad Geeta.

Hinduism today faces threat from two sources.

Indifferent Hindus and the so-called Hindus encashing it for their ulterior motives.

What right does one have to preach Hinduism if he does not follow the basic tenets of our religion? Can any beef-eating, whiskey sipping, debauch person has any right to tell us what Hinduism is all about?

Hinduism is ingrained within us.

Work on it, replenish it and that would be your true service to this Sanatan Dharma, a way of life.

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