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Fuck Democracy

What is democracy?

Surely not what the makers intended it to be.

Today, it is something vague and trivial, something the ruling party wants to destroy and the opposition wants to protect.

The disastrous Maha Gathbandhan comprising varied political ideologies to no ideology, corrupt ideology to anti-national ones was being built on the platform of protecting democracy and democratic institutions.

With members of dubious reputation; fodder scam convict to mother-son duo out on bail for tax evasion, every contributor had his or her own track history of thwarting democracy. The biggest bidder of this platform, Congress, has been the party responsible for murdering democracy and all democratic right during the emergency era. The tradition continues with Sonia being the Party President for close to a decade and the sceptre being passed to her son, Rahul. Some democracy, eh?

The other saviour of democracy, Mamata Banerjee is a known force that is anything but democratic. Watch the election footage from West Bengal and you would know what I mean. From Lathis, crude bombs, arson, loot, physical force, the entire elections has been a show of repression, brute strength and suppression of democracy.

How can we forget the great advocate of democracy , Shri Arvind Kejriwal.

From Prashant Bhushan to Yogendra Yadav, anyone who raised voice or opinion, democratically, was thrown out. He is the same angle who openly propagates and advocates Anarchy. Can Anarchy and Democracy co-exist together?

Well, you know the answer.

He does not believe in the Governor, the Central Government, the Courts of the land and even the constitution as he repeatedly keeps promising full statehood to Delhi which is not even listed in the constitution.

Meet, Chandra Babu Naidu. The great believer of democracy who refused to let CBI enter his state? Do I need to remind that Mamata did the same?

Why this sudden rush to protect democracy?

The answer is simple.

It is democracy and only democracy where using a mix of caste, religion, poverty, minority appeasement, vote banks get consolidated. It is only democracy that allows corruption to thrive. It is democracy which has let them loot this country for 70 years.

For once, since 2014, I have experienced the real side democracy; of empowerment, ideas, growth and national pride. If this is not democracy, I am fine with it. If democracy means chaos, corruption, dynasty, scams, I love this un-democratic state of being.

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