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Different Strokes

Do you think Tikait will go back to his farming?


This is what he does. Agitation is his occupation. This is what he is paid for. This is his precise skill-set he has used to carve a niche for himself.

As far as Narendra Modi ji is concerned, I stand behind him. This big a reform was never possible with a team infested with nincompoops; ministers to MPs, MLAs to spokesperson.

Reforms are not mandated, they are discussed, debated, taken to every door, every forum, a broad based consensus is built around them and then when the nation is educated enough, it is being rolled out.

Once again, it has been proved that despite the PM being a communicator Par excellence, it still is the Achilles Heels when it comes to his party, BJP. A large section of the BJP lawmakers are a result of the widespread popularity of PM Modi. Of course, this has made them complacent. If you ask my mother the name of the MP she voted for, she won't have a clue as she voted got PM Modi. Mind you, this is not an esoteric example.

Though I am no one to offer any advice to Narendra Modi ji, but he also needs to understand that a large section of our society, Muslims to Farmers, are destined to rot in their self-created cesspool. They have accepted their destiny and maybe that is the reason why they don't oppose the voice of their self-appointed leaders.

What did PV Narasimha Rao tell Arif Mohammad Khan when he was quitting Indian National Congress on the Shah Banoo episode? Not to sacrifice his career over a community that has decided to be in the dumps. He was right.

A large section of Farmer was with the new law.

But as it was denting the fortunes of the middlemen an anti-farmer narrative was built around it by the Dalals. I need not tell you that India is ruled by Dalals; from political dalals to social ones. What do you think Rahul Gandhi is? Of course a political dalal. For sure, he is not here to change the landscape of lives and society.

I was listening to a debate on the Purvanchal Express and how political parties are appropriate its credit. There was this spokesperson from a regional party of UP who termed the 350 Km expressway an initiative that will hurt the small shopkeepers as now goods will come from all over the country will reach Eastern UP.

Can you win any argument with him?

Narendra Modi ji is trying to do exactly this.

He should focus on RULING, AMASSING wealth while letting us and the nation rot.

We are not worthy of any leader who thinks for the nation and its people.

Having been fed on the stories of two biggest political Dalals, Nehru and Gandhi we can never respect the efforts of an honest leader. Remember how smartly Nehru-Gandhi duo appropriated India, its Freedom in alms, and of course the title of the PM and Father of the nation. What did the real heroes who wanted to do something good for the nation get? Gallows.

Have you ever heard the names of the kin of Bhagat Singh, Udham Singh, Savarkar, Lala Lajpat Rai, for that matter even Patel? But on the contrary, even after four generations, Rahul Gandhi is still the Youth Leader this nation loves and adores.

Coming back to the Farm Laws.

If the laws were good, why did the government take them back?

For votes? And if they were bad, not useful why were they introduced?

What was the government waiting for? UP elections?

Since day one my stance has been that the government should have consulted the respective stakeholders before introducing such a bill. I knew it well that irrespective of their intent, Dalals would oppose it.

Now that brings us to the next challenge.

Anyone with funding and support, nuisance value, and an ability to control votes can have any law repealed. What next? 370? CAA? So if laws are to be made on Singhu Border, what is our parliament for? Flaunting pashmina shawls and waistcoats?

To me, taking these laws back is a sign of a weak government.

I understand every party weighs the pros and cons of their electoral fortune. The mandate in Himachal Pradesh where Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) lost all the parliament seats must have forced them back to the drawing board..

This action of Narendra Modi will also impact Punjab elections and political re-alignment.

The sad part being, that millions of farmers who were happy with these laws now would be pushed back to the draconian era of Adhatias and middlemen who always treated them with contempt and scorn.

Taking these laws back was essential. The nation is not ready for it. Anti-India forces were using it to dent the nation; especially in Punjab. I am sure these laws would be back. And this time to stay.

The PM displayed maturity in accepting his shortcoming and taking back the law.

You can't win every battle.

- Amit Shankar

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