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BBC or BC?

Today is India’s 74th Republic Day.

On 26 January 1950, the Constitution of India came into effect, replacing the Government of India Act 1935 as the governing document of India, thus turning the nation into a republic separate from British Raj.

But after 74 years, has anything changed?

Even today, a section of our society supports a documentary released by the BBC with a clear objective of denting the image of our nation and destabilising it.

But I don’t blame the JNUs, Jamias, the left and the liberals of this country.

They never had any love for India, and their fascination for foreign ideology and funding has been known for long. What baffles me is that these so-called intellectuals can’t separate their hatred for Modi from India.

In a democratic setup, ideological differences are always welcome. But in no democracy should anti-national activities or ideology should be nurtured.

What is the BBC documentary all about?

It is a concentrated effort to discredit our PM and our nation, putting brakes on its rapid economic growth and political heft. Of course, India is emerging as a global power, leading from the front. Not many countries like this fact. China to America, we have Anti-India agenda everywhere, someplace a little discreet while in your face at some other.

BBC documentary features some certified India haters. I won't name them as they seek the same, to be named, as their ending depends on the same. Most of these haters are contributors and so-called journalists with publications with a long antecedent of India bashing. Of course, you know the names.

The documentary also includes the view of an infamous writer/social activist who, in my view, should have been behind the bar.

It also includes a propaganda writer who has even tagged Indian American Muslim Council.

Anyone can make out the intent of this documentary; to malign our nation, scare foreign investors and weaken our global stand.

Though the most amazing fact of this left-liberal, anti, India documentary is that it completely brushes aside the Supreme Court verdict on the 2002 riots.It also fails to mention that, unlike any other riot under the Congress regime, in this the perpetrators were charge-sheeted and put behind bars too.

As a nation, should we trust the verdict of the highest court of our land or a narrative being peddled by the BBC? But then I guess the JNUs and Jamias of this nation, prefer the latter.

Also, nowhere it mentions the reasons or the trigger behind these riots. What was Godhra? An electric malfunction in one of the railway coaches, as cited in a report?

The motive behind this documentary, released just before our Republic Day, was to cause unrest and Shaheen Bagh like situation. Remember, as in almost auto sync, Congress leader Digvijay Singh also used the same time to rubbish Indian Army and Balakot strike, seeking substantial proof from the government. I also need to mention that son of a senior Congress leader from Kerala has quit the party over this row.

Minority appeasement?


That stage has been crossed long back.

Now it is Anti-India, to destroy the India that Modi is trying to carve so painstakingly. To demolish our faith, our esteem, and national pride by branding us a minority-hating nation.

That makes me wonder why the right wing can’t make documentaries illustrating the barbarism of minorities. One film Kashmir File and the entire cabal was out on the street. Why doesn't the BBC talk about the plight of Kashmiri Pandits too? I know it's not a TRP-raising topic.

Do you know that most of the Anti-India portals and publications, along with voices, are funded by IPSMF? What is IPSMF? Google it. Also, you should google who has been funding this organisation.

United we stand, divided we fall is a lie.

The new mantra is united we stand only if we can demolish the anti-India forces.

- Amit Shankar

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