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Anti-government vs. Anti-national

In one of his tweet, Javed Akhtar eloquently and deviously was trying to set up a narrative that anti government action does not constitute being an anti national. To validate his concocted logic, he quoted the example of the present government, BJP, which was in opposition not long ago.

As a man of wisdom, he should have known that right and wrong are bound by the intricacies of time. What is right today could be wrong tomorrow and vice versa. Imagine there was a time when coffee had to be smuggled, as Vatican believed it to be the drink of Satan. Fortunately, for Starbucks, Costa Coffee and millions of cafes, the times changed.

Also, Mr Akhtar should have known that it is always the context that defines right and wrong, not to undermine the all-important lens used for its scrutiny. During the Raj, for an Indian, being anti-government was the most nationalist step. However, the same action, when put under a British lens amounted to treason. Bhagat Singh was a brave freedom fighter for us but the Brits thought otherwise.

Fast forward to the Independent India. The opposition can criticise the government yet be loyal to their nation. For all these years, the opposition criticised the Congress without earning the label of anti-national.

So what has changed post 2014?

Why the opposition is relentlessly being branded as anti-national when as per Mr Akhtar they are just voicing dissent, which is well within their democratic rights? After all, a strong opposition ensure the hues of a vibrant democracy; the right to differ yet contribute.

What the erudite Mr Akhtar will never admit that in 2014 the same ‘democracy complaint’ opposition crossed the line, moving from being anti-government to anti-nationals.

What would you call an opposition party that seeks the support of Pakistan in removing the government of the day? Of course, anti-national!

When Mani Shankar Aiyar candidly sought Pak’s support, he meant it. His desperation to get back into power at any cost was evident.

But then some would debate that he was sharing views, which were not necessarily the view of his party, Congress. But how would the same lobby justify or defend Congress party when its president stood with the tukde- tukde who unabashedly shouted anti-India slogans? Anti national or anti government? By the way, today I came across a video that shows FB page of Congress and proof of them running online campaigns in Pakistan too.

Mr. Akhtar, when political parties side up with Kasab, Burhan Vani defending them, seeking clemency, in sync with their long standing legacy of Muslim appeasement, politics of convenience turns into act of treason.

But why are they doing it?

With interest of one family as the fulcrum, being dictated by Rome and dubious middlemen, the party in power for the longest duration, Congress, was driven by a single agenda—stay in power and loot the nation. I am sure you know Sonia Gandhi has been ranked as world’s 6th richest woman? Surprised? I have nothing but admiration for her. A living example of women empowerment. If a tea seller could become the poster boy for the BJP, surely this bargirl is rightly the icon for Congress. For this self-made woman, every single rupee is hard earned money. Milking a nation is not a child’s play.

How could a corrupt party rule for so long?

By dividing the nation on the lines of caste, religion, backward-forward, south-north, east-west. Jawaharlal Nehru learnt this part well from the British.

Congress strategy was simple: Keep the nation poor, hand them freebies so they don’t die, and be the messiah of the minority, Muslims.

A confused group, the Muslims were kept under the assumed threat from the Hindus. They were told that if some other party comes into power, they would be wiped out. Like true illiterates, they kept voting for Congress. Hindus were too busy dividing their votes on caste lines. Lack of consolidation helped the Congress.

Changing time brought Ram Mandir and Hindu identity to the forefront.

Coupled with shameless corruption inflicted by the Congress party—2G, 3G, CWG, Coal Scam and a dozen more, Congress was reduced to less than 4-dozen seats. Muslims also started looking for options.

Modi government when voted in was assumed to be a Pro-Hindu government. To the surprise of everyone, it turned out to be an inclusive government that believed in growth and development.

Congress was in for a rude shock.

They knew that it could be curtains down for them. An inclusive government, a corruption free government could end their game forever. To worsen their fear, Modi government started working for the rights of Muslim women.

Congress had no choice but to embark on a forked path.

Break Hindus and consolidate Muslims.

For the completion of their first objective, the grandson of a Muslim, son of an Italian mother and Muslim father, metamorphosed into a ‘Janau Dhari Brahmin. To put the other roadmap of uniting the Muslims, the party started supporting any thing that was anti-national—Tukde-tukde gang to Urban naxals, praising Pakistan to favouring the Rohingayas.

I hope you accept the fact that almost every single Muslim of this country is anti –national. Naseerudin Shah to Javed Akhtar, their heart beats for Paksitan and their ‘Allah.’

To ensure success in 2019, it was imperative to attack the biggest icon of Democracy, Narendra Modi. Sparkling clean, nationalist, hard working and incorruptible.

A massive and phased smear campaign was launched, indicting Modi and to instil fear in the minds and hearts of people. Congress paid lobbies started a narrative branding Modi government as a Hindu Government, anti minority and anti Dalit government that was all out to destroy the country, the constitution and democracy.

They key words you will hear and read in paid narratives of which Mr Akhtar too is a part use the same buzz words—Democracy in danger, Economy in danger, Constitution in anger, lives in danger.

If you sit down and do a little research, you would be shocked to see that empirical data says the contrary. Inflation is at all time low, petrol-diesel prices at an all time low, GDP is surging, FDI is growing, India is doing exceptionally well in coal, electricity production, infrastructure has got a massive boost, even lives of millions of poor and marginalised has been impacted for the good. All this, sans any corruption saga.

Peddling lies at the cost of national security, openly seeking minority votes, siding up with an enemy state, supporting terrorists and terror outfits, looting the nation and driving a wedge between societies, using overseas NGOs and finding to destabilise the government, brewing tension amongst caste to serve political motives are not anti-government but anti-national activities.

So Mr Akhtar, the next time you blurt your Muslim centric observation, be warned, Indians are not fool anymore. We are fighters and as you rightly put,

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