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The Traitor Prime Minister

The plot is devious and sinister.

You might scorn at it, terming it as fantasy.

But stop, look around, join the dots and you will get what I am trying to say.

Pakistan is sinking and sinking fast.

There is no economy, growth or industries. World bank is not lending them any more money. America too has stopped the one billion aid. For years, to hide their administrative and economical failures, myopic Pak leaders fooled the Islamic population with their ‘anti India stance, their jehad to claim Kashmir.

With more than 90 percent of the population being illiterate and below the poverty line, no wonder the nation believed them. From Zinnah to Bhutto, Zia Ul Haq to Imran Khan they all existed on the platform to keep this Holy War going irrespective of its cost.

However with every passing day, the ruling dispensation knew that they were fighting a losing war. Especially after Modi came to power, the stance of Indian government changed. Now, instead of Muslim appeasement, the government was talking through bullets. A record number of terrorists were been killed. Pakistan knew the war for Kashmir won’t survive.

Also, with Baloch rebels and severe incursion from Afghanistan and Iran, Pakistan has little or no way out. The homegrown terror outfits and their leaders have become too big and powerful to toe the government line.

As a nation Pakistan has no other choice to but to initiate a new battle, to keep India on its toe. And this time, reviving the Khalistan movement is on their agenda. The proximity of Punjab to Pakistan, unadulterated supply of pro Khalistan sympathisers in India makes this a readymade platform.

How to take it forward?

Open the Kartarpur corridor for Sikhs and use it to push terrorists in Punjab. If you remember, suddenly a well-known Khalistan sympathiser, Chawla has been spotted on more than one occasion in Pakistan.

For this new agenda, Pakistan needed a Sikh, a greedy traitor who would do anything for power. But where would they find such a Sardar?

Of course, one and only, Navjot Singh Siddhu.

Imagine, from BJP to AAP just to be the CM of Punjab. When AAP ditched him, he went to Congress, the same party he has been abusing for years. He had no qualms in touching the feet of Sonia Gandhi too. He is so blinded by his greed that he could go to any extent, siding up with Pakistan included.

Imagine, in hyper charged atmosphere of today, he still openly backs Imran Khan and the Pak government, casts aspersions over his own government and the armed forces.

The deal for him is clear: to help Pakistan in creating Khalistan and as a reward, they would make him the PM of Khalistan. He is being aided by Rahul Gandhi who is seeking Pakistan’s help in getting rid of Modi. Little does he know, that under no circumstance, he would ever be the PM.

If not this then what is driving Siddhu to take an anti national stance?

Can anyone refute his insatiable greed for power?

How do you define his love for Pakistan?

If you have the answers, please feel free to let me know.

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